Sunday, 31 January 2016

January 2016 Wrap Up

It was a very slow start to the year I have to admit, considering I decided to set this years reading goal of 100 books. Instead of admiting defeat and putting the reading goal lower, I decided to kick myself in the arse and began reading.
And because of that, I read a total of 8 books this month. Yes most of them were a free book on kindle, but a book is a book.

Here are the following books I completed this month....

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tea Tuesday ~ Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

I just wanted to wish all my fellow Australians a happy Aussie Day. And I thought what better way than celebrating Australia then telling you a few of my favourite Australian authors.
I'm going to apologise in advance, because I'm sure I'll miss out a few great Australian authors. So sorry....

Every book he has written I'm obsessed over. The way he can tell a story, I'm just green with envy.
I think anyone who knows how to read should pick up his books, you won't be disappointed.

I've only read her King Arthur trilogy so far, but it definitely won't be the last.
Another author I'm in love with and have a good case of the green eye. The details she describes scenes and the characters, I could read her books over and over again.

I don't just love his books because he comes from the same place, Perth, as I do, but it does help.
I have to admit, I've been a bit slack in reading his books, but this year that will all change.

I've read two of her four books so far, and all I can say is I'm hooked. If you have not read her Starcrossed series yet, DO IT NOW. You will be falling in love with these characters.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Book Review ~ Three Girls And A Baby by Rachel Schurig

*Disclaimer: This eBook may no longer be free on Amazon, where I purchased this.

Title: Three Girls And A Baby

Author: Rachel Schurig

Year Published: 7 July 2011

Publisher: -


Ginny McKensie's life is spiraling out of control. 

Finished with college, she should have been planning her wedding. After all, Ginny and Josh were made for each other—everyone said so. Except the love of her life didn't agree. 

Now Ginny is back in her hometown, unwillingly single, and stuck in a dead-end job. When she discovers she's pregnant, Ginny is convinced her life is ending. Instead of planning a future with Josh, she's learning the truth about morning sickness, juggling bills, and seeing just how far designer jeans can stretch.

Her life-plan never included dating again (not even with her too-hot new boss), or being a single mother at 23. Now, with the help of her best friends, Annie and Jen, Ginny must try to re-imagine—and rebuild—a life she never wanted.

I loved this book. Which is odd in a way, because if I was to read this book before I had kids, I don't think I would of enjoyed it as much.
I just understood what Ginny was going through (not the part about having the kid without the guy), what your body is doing, the changes. But it's not just the physical changes, there is also a lot of emotion going on.

Not only could I relate to Ginny, but I found all three girls, Annie, Jen and Ginny to be funny, witty, outspoken, just cool girls that I could see being friends with. Their individuality and how they interacted with each other was a joy to read.

Surprisingly I figured out the ending, to be honest I don't know why, I just had this feeling that it was going to end out like that. I think it was because that was how I wanted it to have turned out.

I actually don't have a lot to say about this book other than it's really good, and I hope it's still free on Amazon, because you need to get your hands on it.

I will definitely be picking up the other books in the series, and anything by Rachel Schurig.

My star rating for Three Girls And A Baby by Rachel Schurig is:

Monday, 11 January 2016

Book Review ~ Miss Adventure by Geralyn Corcillo

*Disclaimer: This eBook may no longer be free on Amazon, where I purchased this.

Title: Miss Adventure

Author: Geralyn Corcillo

Year Published: 14 September 2014

Publisher: Blackbird Press


When a freak fast-food accident almost kills scaredy-cat Lisa Flyte, she decides it's time to get a backbone and really start living out loud. But how is a shrinking violet like Lisa supposed to get tough all of a sudden after a lifetime of watching from the couch? Jack Hawkins, that's how. When Lisa finds out that the outdoor extremist from her MBA classes needs a clueless urbanite to test his top-secret line of adventure gear for beginners, she gets the most outlandish idea of her life: she will be his undercover test dummy if he helps her become brave on their adventures in the wild. They strike a deal. But can Lisa use her outdoor moxie to become the alpha hero of her everyday life? Will she find the grit to pursue a career she really wants or the nerve to stand up to her bullying family? And will she get gutsy enough to go after Jack? He's a man who's not afraid of anything...except maybe of falling for Lisa.

Even though I kind of (kind of!) skimmed through this book, I actually really enjoyed it. I was in the mood for an easy chick-lit book to read, and this book ticked all those boxes. 

Though there was a few issues I had with the whole concept of the story, what sold it for me was Lisa. Our protagonist is witty, smart mouthed, says things like it is, but she wasn't a smart ass and knew when she didn't know something. In other words she didn't act like a know it all.

The story centers around Lisa and her desire to be a stronger person, not physically as she lost a lot of weight while she was in a coma, but emotionally. Being pushed around by everyone since she was little, she decides to ask Jack, her fellow business srudent, and avid adventurer, to help her.
Of course there was going to be sparks flying between these two, it is a chick-lit after all, but instead of head over heels love from page one, Miss Adventure was the complete opposite. You saw these two characters slowly start to become friends then romance.
Saying that, there is a scene after they sky dived that still has be baffled. I don't really know why they did it, maybe the adrenalin?

It was actually hard to rate this one, I did like it but I wouldn't put it in my top ten cause I did have a few issues with things....

My star rating for Miss Adventure by Geralyn Corcillo is:

Sunday, 10 January 2016

#AYearAThon January 2016 ~ Benchwarmers


January 4-10

If you're thinking, "Catherine, you couldn't have failed, at least one book is still good". Yes you are right, one book is still good, but I didn't even read one book, I didn't even read thirty pages. That's right, I failed big time.

There are a few reasons why I didn't read anything; I didn't feel like it, I have a four month old that needs my undying attention, a lot of things just took up too much of my time. But the main reason was I didn't really get into the book I was reading, which then put me in a non reading mood.

So since I have nothing to report but my utter failer, I will promise next month I will do better....I hope. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Watching Wednesday ~ Outlander Season One

After finding out Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon was turning into a TV series, I could not wait to watch it. Unfortunately in was not on free to air TV, so I had to wait till it came on DVD. 

There is something I don't understand about in regards to releasing this series on DVD. I know there was a long break in the middle of season one, but why did they release it as volume one and two. This means you will be spending twice as much because they are selling each volume like it's one season. 
If you've seen this then you understand what I'm talking about. 

Moving on....I have only watched three episodes so far, and I love it. 
Of course it's not 100% exactly like the books, but they definitely stuck to the premise of the story. The actors are perfect to how I imagined them, I can not wait to see the rest of the season. 

I might do a review when I'm finished. Maybe even a book to movie review??

If you have watched this series or read the books, I'll love to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment below. 

Monday, 4 January 2016

#AYearAThon January 2016 ~ Benchwarmers


January 4-10

It's been a while since I did #AYearAThon readthon, so when I got the email for what the themes were for 2016, I thought why not get back into it again. 

January theme is benchwarmers; books that have been sitting on your shelf for a while / a really long time.
The first book I'll be reading is:

I hope, but not holding my breath, to read other books this week. At this stage I'm not going to decide what they will be, only because knowing me I'll change my mind. So whatever I feel like reading at the time is what I'll pick.

Okay enough chit chat, get reading....

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!
I can not believe another year is over. As I get older the years seem to be going by faster.

Great things happened in 2015. Moved into a brand new home, I finally got an amazing bookshelf for all my books to fit on, which is becoming crowded again. But the most important thing to happen this year was the birth of my second child, Jessica. It still shocks me that I'm a mother, and not just to one but two. And to think, my son will be five next year and starting kindergarten.

The start of a new year isn't just about looking back but also forward. So every year we give ourselves goals, and hopefully keeping them throughout the year.
I don't normally do new years resolutions, I either know I won't keep them or I can't think of any goals. But this year I have given myself four.

1. Family ~ I want to do more things as a family. This could be having picnics, doing arts and crafts, going to the zoo. Things like that.

2. Fit & Healthy ~ I just want to be healthier, eat right and exercise more. This will be my toughest one.

3. Books. Read more of any book I can get my hands on.

4. Blog. I definitely want to post more, and not just book reviews. I want to post anything and everything I can think of.

I would love to hear what your new years resolution is if you have one.