Monday, 18 September 2017

Book Review ~ Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas


I sadly didn’t love this book as much as the others, mainly for the reason it didn’t have to be that long, and it could’ve easily gone into the previous book.

I wasn’t a big fan of Chaol previously, I found him annoying and stuck up. So, in a way, it was good about this book, I started to like him. His character development was great.
And I loved Yrene. I loved her in the novella, Assassin and the Healer, I couldn’t wait to see more of her. Also, now I warned you, there are spoilers ahead, I guessed from the beginning that Chaol and Yrene were going to get together. Mainly because I did not like Nesryn AT ALL.

When we got in the point of Nesryn, I just wanted to skip. She was so painful to read; her attitude was painful and always being hypocritical constantly was a drag.
There was one scene that really pissed me off about her, and the prince Sartaq. They are both talking to Falkan, who sold his years for spidersilk. They have no sympathy for him, because he bartered his life for king’s wealth.
I felt it was rude. Nesryn, while not the richest person, was definitely not poor either. Her father had a great business that kept them from poverty and especially hunger. Then you have Sartaq, who is a bloody prince, living the king’s wealth. For them to judge someone like that was very painful to read and even like the characters.
This scene really put me off these characters.

The only two that made me read to the end was Chaol and Yrene. Again, this could’ve been all told in Empire of Storms, I don’t think we needed a book on its own.

I cannot wait to see the conclusion to this series, which won’t be until next year.
So I might read this series again, and see if I think of it differently.

My star rating is:

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I'm Still Here

Don’t you go crying in the rain, I’m still here.
Why haven’t I posted? Easy answer, I haven’t finished a book yet this month. And, I haven’t really thought to post anything else until now.

I started reading the second book in the Kingkiller chronicles; The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. Was half-way when Sarah J. Maas’s next book in her Throne of Glass series, Tower of Dawn, was released.
I said I was going to drop everything to read that book, and that’s exactly what I did.

It was a slow start, mainly due to being an adult with two kids. But now I’m half-way through, and of course, I’m in love with it. I just keep forgetting how much I love Sarah J. Maas’s writing. She can seriously grab you in her world and keep you there. I’m a very jealous.

I’m thinking of other posts other than book reviews. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Until next time, keep reading…

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Game of Thrones S7 E7 Season Finale Review

Season 7 Episode 3


There is so much to talk about, but I’ll just talk about a few of the characters and what impacted me most.

Let’s start with Cersei. I don’t know what I truly feel for her, I of course still hate her, but I don’t know what is going inside of her head. Her world seems like it’s crumbling down around her, but is it?
Unlike Daenerys, she doesn’t care about anyone else but herself. She might have a soft (very soft) spot for her brothers, especially Jaime, but she will kill anyone in her way. That’s how she will lose, not only the crown, but her only supporters. Except the Mountain of course.

I think Jaime is realising this fight for the throne is nothing compared to what is coming from the north. Like a true knight, he wants to fight for his people. And this is where I think Cersei is starting to hate him because he wants to fight the same fight their brother Tyrion is fighting.

I was worried for a bit with Tyrion. Is he truly with Daenerys?... After his conversation with Cersei, I think he is. He knows that she will be better on the throne than his sister.
I was worried for a second that he won’t make it out of the meeting alive, it is Game of Thrones of course.
We also finally get to see these two acting together. We definitely need more scenes with them together, even if it’s Tyrion killing Cersei… Even though, I still believe Jaime will do it.

Let’s talk briefly about the white walker coming out that box. If the Hound did not pull on that chain, Cersei might’ve been dead… Just think about that for a second.

I feel terrible for Theon, and I never thought I’ll say that. He has been through so much shit. I get that Jon isn’t over it yet, but Theon needed that to do what is right, and that’s to rescue his sister. He needs to prove to himself mostly, that he isn’t the weakling everyone keeps saying he is.
That fight scene he had was great, showing that he can use his weakness to his advantage.

For a second there I was worried, but when Sansa mentioned Baelish Creepy-Pants name I jumped out of my seat for joy.
I thought Sansa was up to something, but she played the game perfectly. She is on the side of her family.
“When the snows fall and the wind blows, the lone world dies, but the pack survives”.

Bran is still mysterious, I still don’t understand what he is up to. Only because he knows A LOT of things, but he only says certain stuff. Everything he does and says is for a reason. So, it’s like we are basically constantly analysing him.
He needs to play a much bigger role in the final season.


I’m on the fence with these two.
On one hand, I like how they are romantically involved. It’s poetic in a way, with her brother and his mother, it’s like their romance will live through them.
And, people saying incest, it was very common for cousins, uncles and the like to marry each other (in the real world), and especially in Game of Thrones, it was very common for Targaryen’s to marry relations to keep the “blood pure”. Also, THEY DON’T KNOW THEY ARE RELATED!!!!
Now, on the other hand, it felt forced their blossoming romance. I needed to see more romance between the two, I thought they just respected each other…

The last scene with the night army and Viserion. That night king can ride the dragon better than Daenerys…
Great, now we have to wait for next season to see what is going to happen, and if Tormund survived that…HE BETTER HAVE!!

I’ve heard we might wait till 2019 for season 8.

I hope we don’t have to, it’s the final season and I just finally want to know what is going to happen and who is going to die. But I also don’t want this to end, so also hurry up with the books George R.R. Martin.

Overall, I rate this episode: