Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Film Review ~ Gnomeo and Juliet


From the director of Shrek 2 comes your chance to step into the secret world of garden gnomes - Gnomeo & Juliet. Perfect for the whole family, this fresh and funny makeover of one of the world's most timeless stories features music from Sir Elton John, and the voice talents of Emily Blunt, James McAvoy and Sir Michael Cane.
Caught up in a feud between neighbours, Gnomeo and Juliet must overcome as many obstacles as their namesakes. But with flamboyant pink flamingo and epic lawnmower races, can this young couple find lasting happiness?


Now before you start, I know this film was released at the beginning of 2011 and we are now close to the end of 2015, so why has it taken me this long to finally watch this, well I have a very good explanation.
Romeo and Juliet is my all time favourite tragic plays by William Shakespeare, so when someone does a remake of it either in a movie, book or some other form, I'm always sceptical. I'm just worried someone is going to destroy a story that I hold dear to me. So you can see why it took me forever to finally watch this kids adaptation.

I'm so happy I sucked it up and watched it. Funny, beautiful, musical, a great combination for a kids movie. And surprisingly a great adaptation.

At the moment my mind is racing wanting to write down everything I love about Gnomeo and Juliet, so where do I begin....?

Okay, let me start with the music. When I heard it was not only produced by Sir Elton John, but he also did the music, it was instantly a winner.
I'm a big Elton John fan, right from when I first heard his music for The Lion King. So I knew instantly I was going to fall in love with his new songs he specifically wrote for this movie; Hello, Hello and Love Builds A Garden. Such a beautiful score you can't help singing along to. Trust me, I've seen this movie at least ten times now and I can happily say I know the words to all the songs.

The complete cast are absolutely perfect. Not only the characters but the actors were all a great choice. Let me just list who voiced who, and if this doesn't get you excited....then you're crazy.

There were too many great scenes for me to go through. I either laughed out loud or said "Ooohhh, how adorable". And once I got onto google images all I want to do is post images of some of the scenes I loved....So here is one where Gnomeo meets Juliet for the first time. I wish I can add the song to this scene as well, it's just perfect.

My star rating for Gnomeo and Juliet is:

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review ~ Crossings by Ashley Capes


In the Australian bush, wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas must uncover the truth behind a giant white kangaroo and the strange deaths connected to it, while dealing with the return of her abusive ex, Ben, whose rage is quickly growing out of control.


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When Ashley Capes asked if I wanted to read another one of his books, I jumped at the chance. It's been a year since I've started reading his books, and to say that I'm obsessed with his work is a understatement. 

Crossings is a story of a wildlife ranger, Lisa Thomas, and her journey to uncover the mysterious killings of wildlife animals right at her door step. And to top if off, a strange giant white kangaroo that she isn't sure if it's real or not.

Lisa deals with a lot of serious issues, from the return of her abusive ex, to her father suffering from amnesia. Nothing seems to be going smoothly for her, but instead of backing down in a corner she continues to fight on.
I enjoyed reading Ashley Capes take on these topics, not a lot of authors can do this and be good at it.

The great thing about Ashley Capes story telling is  even though it has a fantasy element to it, it doesn't feel like it. It's not over the top or in your face. By doing this it becomes more realistic.

There are so many things thar I love about this book, but knowing me whatever I say I'm just going to be spoiling it for you. So do yourself a favour and pick this book up, you will not be dissapointed.
Crossings is dark, creepy and brilliant. Can not wait to read more of Ashley Capes.

New Arrival

Hello World,

I thought I'll do a post to give you an explanation on why I have been absent. I mean I only posted once on here and then went missing.
Well I do have a very good explanation....I had a baby girl!

Jessica Catherine, born on 30th August at 9.21am. 

So as you can see with a newborn baby and a four year old boy, I haven't had any time to write a post, or even look at my blog. 
Actually I still don't have "time" as this post alone has taken me a few hours to write. But never-the-less I will post as much as I possibly can.

This is just a quick post, but don't despair, I have more posts lined up. So stay tuned.