Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dear Sunday ~ Week 6

I deserve a pat on the back, another week of posting on all the allocated days. 
It did start off a bit touch and go, trying to decide what to post can be a pain in the backside, but I did it in the en.

I've also started to become healthier this week, walking for school drop off, yoga. I'm hoping it will continue, because I'm feeling more energised for it.

This week has also been busy, or I should clarify, it has been consumed by history. I've also decided to only post on this blog Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. But not all the time, only when I have something to post on that day.

Tea Tuesday is all about me getting healthy.

Thank you Tera for bringing to my attention this amazing documentary; The Life and Death of Jane Grey.

Over on the history blog, I wrote all about Alfred the Great.
What makes this man so "great"?

I dropped everything to read Year One by Nora Roberts, and I wasn't disappointed. Check out my review.

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