Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Book Review ~ Beauty in Thorns by Kate Forsyth


I don’t think I will be giving too much spoilers away, as this book is about real people you can easily Google. But just in case you want to go into this book blind (like I did), then it's probably best to stay away from, not only this blog post, but the internet in general.

What a book! It invoked in me such emotions and passion. Of course, being in a time where women were not treated fairly, my inner self was protesting throughout. Just the thought that we were not able to vote really pisses me off.
So, what I loved most about this book, is it is always in the point of view of a female. That’s right, even though it’s centred around prominent male artists, we are more concentrating around the females that have influenced them. That was one of many that I admired about this book.

My emotions were all over the place, I was sad, happy, angry, sad again, and finally happy. I didn’t believe in love until Margot. Let’s just hope her husband was faithful, because I was starting to believe there was no faithful love.
I was half-way through the book, and I remember telling my mum that my favourite couple was Georgie and Ned…then I find out he had the most scandalous affair for that time. I was so angry at all these men being so unfaithful to their wives. This affair really shook me, as I was so invested in their love. Thank goodness for their daughter, making my heart mend, and know love is really out there.

Lizzie made me cry the most, when she lost her daughter, and her mental state. I don’t think I’ve cried that much reading a book. I just felt for Lizzie, what would her life had been like if she never got sick and then consequently addicted to laudanum. What if Dante Gabriel Rossetti married her like he kept promising her year after year. What if she never met him. It just broke my heart.

My favourite character would have to be Topsy (William Morris); even though his temper was all over the place, I felt like his heart was in the right place. Especially, kind of, accepting his wife’s love for another man.
My least favourite character, actually I despised the air she breathed, is Maria Zambaco. I was hoping that Georgie would punch her in the face, because I definitely wanted to. That’s what we call a home wrecker, and yes, it's also his fault, it takes two to tango.

While reading this book, you should definitely look up the paintings that are mentioned. Even though I found majority of these men sexist pigs, and only thinking about themselves, their artworks are amazing. And you finally know the story about the women who are posing for them.

I would advise EVERYONE to pick up this book. It’s beautifully written by an amazing Australian author. Everything about it is perfection. I will be raving about it for many years to come.

My star rating is:

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