Monday, 18 September 2017

Book Review ~ Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas


I sadly didn’t love this book as much as the others, mainly for the reason it didn’t have to be that long, and it could’ve easily gone into the previous book.

I wasn’t a big fan of Chaol previously, I found him annoying and stuck up. So, in a way, it was good about this book, I started to like him. His character development was great.
And I loved Yrene. I loved her in the novella, Assassin and the Healer, I couldn’t wait to see more of her. Also, now I warned you, there are spoilers ahead, I guessed from the beginning that Chaol and Yrene were going to get together. Mainly because I did not like Nesryn AT ALL.

When we got in the point of Nesryn, I just wanted to skip. She was so painful to read; her attitude was painful and always being hypocritical constantly was a drag.
There was one scene that really pissed me off about her, and the prince Sartaq. They are both talking to Falkan, who sold his years for spidersilk. They have no sympathy for him, because he bartered his life for king’s wealth.
I felt it was rude. Nesryn, while not the richest person, was definitely not poor either. Her father had a great business that kept them from poverty and especially hunger. Then you have Sartaq, who is a bloody prince, living the king’s wealth. For them to judge someone like that was very painful to read and even like the characters.
This scene really put me off these characters.

The only two that made me read to the end was Chaol and Yrene. Again, this could’ve been all told in Empire of Storms, I don’t think we needed a book on its own.

I cannot wait to see the conclusion to this series, which won’t be until next year.
So I might read this series again, and see if I think of it differently.

My star rating is: