Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Book Review ~ My Little Pony The Movie: Book of the Film


Disclaimer: I’m a huge, huge, My Little Pony fan. I’m actually obsessed with it.
Okay, now that we have that confession out the way, let’s talk about the book. Well, technically it’s the book of the film. I can now say, I read the book before the film…

It might be because I’m in love with this whole franchise, but I enjoyed the book. It was an easy read, but it didn’t feel like my brain cells were slowly dying.
So, even though I loved it, I think if you want to read it, or watch it, you need to be a fan of this series to begin with. Hopefully my two-year-old daughter still loved My Little Pony when she is old enough to read the book.
At the moment, she is just flipping through the book looking at the still images they have of the film. Better than nothing I guess.

My star rating is:

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