Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Game of Thrones S7 E3 Review

Season 7 Episode 3

It was a mixture of happy, sad and disappointment.

Let me get the bad stuff out the way before I talk about the good.
There is a point, especially this far into the series, where we are just tired of the “bad guys” winning. And with all the shit that is going on in the real world, we want to escape. I’m tired of Cersei getting the upper-hand, and now there are so many of Daenerys’ allies have either died or trapped.
The hardest part to watch, when the Lannisters invaded Highgarden. It was a nail in the coffin of the House Tyrell, they are no more. And even though Olenna is dead, she went out with a bang. Love how she got the final word, and what final words they were.

I still don’t trust Sansa, I feel like she is up to something, her and Baelish Creepy-Pants. But it was definitely nice to finally see Bran back in Winterfell, slowly the band is getting back together.
It also got me thinking, does Sansa want Bran as King in the north because she doesn’t like Jon? Or is she wondering if she has more competition?

The friendship between Jorah and Sam. Was so happy that Sam cured Jorah, no matter how disgusting it was. The funniest was Sam’s punishment/praise.

Now to what I think everyone has been waiting for since this show and books started; Daenerys and Jon finally meeting face to face. There was definitely a lot of tension, and no, I don’t mean sexual tension, because I know a lot of people who want that to happen. It was like two young powerful people sizing each other up.
They need to stop judging each other on who their fathers were, and judge on their own merits. I just hope, if they do join forces, now more so after Cersei has been winning, they can defeat her and the White Walkers.
Looks like we just have to be patient and wait.

Overall, I rate this episode: