Thursday, 17 August 2017

Book Review ~ Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce


The first time I read this book was when I was in high school (17 odd years ago). I remember taking it out of the library over and over again to read it. I was just in love. Of course, I also took out the other three books in the series. Now, this was before I knew the internet could tell me there was a series before this one, but oh well. I still haven’t read them…

Anyway, I have read it countless times after that, and even though book one isn’t my favourite from the quartet, I still love it.

We are introduced to Daine (which I pronounced Diane, not sure how you are supposed to pronounce it anyway). A young girl on the move after her family village was destroyed.

With most, if not every, fantasy novel; don’t judge it by the first book. It’s usually ground work for the adventures to come. With Daine’s magical powers with animals starts to grow, you see her personality grow as well.

I really need to get more of Tamora Pierce’s books, instead of reading this series over and over again. Also, need a new edition, because I have abused these books.

My star rating is:

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