Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Game of Thrones S7 E2 Review

Season 7 Episode 2

I personally think episode two was a lot similar to episode one. There was that feeling of foreshadowing to what’s to come. And yes, there was a battle scene at the end, but it wasn’t the action-packed episode I was hoping for. Like I said in episode one review, because of the less episodes this season, I want action from the get go.

In episode one, Bran and Meera arrive to castle black, so why hasn’t a raven been sent to Jon Snow already? He gets messages from Tyrion and Sam who sent them in this episode.
I want the Starks to be reunited already.

I don’t like Sansa. There is something about her I just don’t trust. Jon wants and should go to Daenerys and get the dragon glass, and having Sansa talk down to him and say he is abandoning his people, there is definitely a hidden motive to her actions. She was with Cersei way to long.
I laughed when she stopped complaining when Jon Snow said she will be running the place while he is gone. Like I said, hidden motive.

The Sam and Jorah scene, I really don't want to talk about or watch it ever again. That was disgusting, especially the transition into that guy eating that pie. I vomited in my mouth...

It was great to see Daenerys finally about to take action. It didn’t feel like she was ever going to get the iron throne, but now that she is in Westeros, it’s finally happening.
Watching her taking control and listening to her council, it’s her decision in the end, but she needs to listen to people who know what they are talking about, like Olenna Tyrell for instance. If anyone deserves revenge it’s her. Okay, mainly I deserve revenge for killing one too many of my favourite characters.

The scene between Grey Worm and Missandei was a little sweetness that is Game of Thrones. We don't get a lot of romance, majority end up getting murdered. So, even though it was nice, I did feel like it dragged on a bit.

The only think I’m going to say about Cersei, she better not use those massive arrows. And if she does, I hope it’s aimed at her arse…

Arya and Nymeria
I have no words, just tears. I hope, even though I know it’s Game of Thrones, that they get their reunion. A happy one.

Now let’s talk about that ending. Yeah, I’m pissed at Euron, he is a dick head, and even though I didn’t like the Sand Snakes, it was annoying to see the “bad guys” get a win.
But that’s not what I really want to talk about, it Theon. Since watching that episode, all I’ve been seeing on social media is people calling him weak, coward, etc. But did anyone actually watch that scene? He was looking around watching people getting mutilated, did you also forget that he was tortured for a long time by Ramsey?
I think people still don’t know what it’s like to have mental health issues, and instead of understanding, they just call the person weak and a coward.
Never thought I’ll say I feel sorry for Theon after what he did to Robb, but there you go.

Bring on episode three…

Overall, I rate this episode:

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