Monday, 17 July 2017

Game of Thrones S7 E1 Review

Season 7 Episode 1

Finally, Game of Thrones season 7 has begun, after waiting longer than we normally have to.
I wouldn’t say this was a boring episode, I think it was an episode of catching up on all the living characters, who is where and why.
I wouldn’t normally mind, but since we are having less episodes than normal, I just want them to get straight to the action, where Cersei finally dies a horrible death.

I guessed the opening scene before it happened. Actually, that was the best opening scene I have ever seen. As a big Robb Stark fan, I couldn’t think of a better revenge for the family that betrayed him.
A lot of people are saying Arya is going to the “dark side”, but think about it, she saw so many of her family members betrayed and killed, and because she is a little girl, they don’t think she is a big threat. Think again.

I just don’t understand the Ed Sheeran scene. Well no, I do understand that she is seeing the enemy as actual people with families and so on, I just don’t understand Ed Sheeran’s roll in it. He just sang and that’s it…

We see Jon Snow in his role as the King of the North. There is a lot of responsibility on his shoulders now, I just hope that he is capable of it and makes the right decisions. But let’s talk about the main hero of the whole show… Lyanna Mormont. Now there is a character to look up to. If they kill her, I will riot.

Daenerys is finally home!! Back to the place of her birth, and it was bitter sweet. Finally, she is back in Westeros, now don’t waste time and get your revenge mother of dragons.

Overall, I rate this episode:

Bring on episode 2.

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