Friday, 21 July 2017

Book Review ~ Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland


DNF @ 138 pages

I couldn’t finish this book; I was liking how I could relate with being a mum just like the main character, Robin Wilde, but anything after that I just couldn’t stand reading anymore.

At first, I felt sorry for Robin Wilde, her life has become lonely, being a single mum and trying to be the best she can. But after a while (this might sound mean), I didn’t care anymore. I don’t care how every woman you know, you happen to look up to, how perfect they are and yours is the complete opposite. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stop assuming that everyone has a perfect life.
It became petty, and I started to think petty thoughts.

I know the author is best known as a YouTuber, but I rather not hear it brought up over and over again, I get it already.

Whoever edited or proof-read this book should be fired. Everything was jumping from one thought to the next, it didn’t flow nicely.

Saying all that, I might pick this book up again, and listen to myself before I started this book; don’t think of who the author is and just appreciate the book on its own.

My star rating is:

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