Friday, 9 June 2017

Free EBook Friday #2

Free EBook Friday is wrap up of all the kindle books I read during the week. Since I only give short reviews, why not post them all together.

Hope you enjoy.

Dance with Deception by Tracy Goodwin

This started out alright. The characters were bearable, the plot was interesting, but then something happened.
I also want to mention, I really think the author should proof read, especially when you are talking about times of the days. Skipping from one to the other doesn't make sense for the reader.

Okay, what really got me annoyed that I gave this two stars...the female character, Gwen, became so painful to deal with. They have this argument because he lied to her father so they can get married. It was just blown out of proportion. It was just ridiculous, and I no longer cared if anyone lived happily ever after.

It was rushed at spots, especially the romance between our main characters. I think I needed more development from them then just lust.

I wish I did like it as much as I was hoping, but oh well. If book two is free, I might give it a go.

I actually really enjoyed this book, maybe it was because I couldn’t sleep and was up until one in the morning.
Whatever the reasons, I couldn’t put it down.

It was just a cute, easy read, and the characters and plot were interesting. The romance was a great build up.
Not bad overall.

This is going to surprise a lot of people, cause I’m at a loss too. I loved this book.
Yes, it was terribly written and the plot was completely far-fetched, but there was just something that I couldn’t put it down. It’s probably my obsession with time travelling and pirates.

This is a very steamy book right from the get go. I’m not kidding when I say our two main characters meet for the first time and they are all over each other.
I don’t shy away from sex scenes in books, I’m not a prude. And even though I would find this completely stupid that the second they meet they are ripping each other’s clothes off, I actually didn’t mind. It made the book move along quickly.

So, why didn't I rate this book? I just think it will be insulting to other well written books if I give this a 5 or 4 stars. But, because I liked it at the time, it's also insulting to give it 2 or 1 star.

Just like book one, I’m not going to rate this book. Even though I didn’t love it as much as the first one, I still enjoyed it.

Okay, I want Alexa Dare to get real here. Did she have to recreate the exact same book, word for word. From the Mist and Of the Deep was so similar in how the two main characters meet to everything that happens.

If book three is like this, I might have to go back to each review and give them all one star.

Okay, that’s it. If you are going to write a trilogy, can you at least write a different story line. It’s the bloody same thing, except the name of the two main characters.

I’m half tempted to go back and rate all them one star… But I won’t.

I feel like book one I read when I was drunk, book two I’m hungover, and book three I’m sober as a nun and realising what I thought was completely crazy.

I think I wouldn’t mind if it was written by someone who knows how to write, and if the plot was different, even slightly different.

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