Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Book Review ~ Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning


I must be in the mood to read books I read a while ago. This one I read back in April 2015.
I know for a fact I love it back then, now I’m not saying I hated it now, or even that I’m loving it. It was okay.

Let me elaborate on it a bit more. Loved the world building, the monsters that are the fae. I loved everything except the main characters.
Mac really annoyed me, and I’m sure I felt like this when I first read it. It was just her constantly saying she wasn’t a typical stupid barbie blonde chic, but she is, inside and out.
Her stupidity kept me smacking my head on my kindle more than once. And her interactions with Barrons, I know there is going to be romance probably later on in the books, but right now, he just comes off as a sexist pig.

Even though I didn’t particularly like the two main characters, I still enjoyed the book. I will be definitely (finally), read the next book in the series.

My star rating is: