Saturday, 10 June 2017

Book Review ~ Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet


Non-stop action from page one. The sequel did not disappoint in the slightest.
That first chapter though, I thought it Amanda Bouchet was going to stab me in the heart multiple times, but don’t worry, Griffin made it up and then some in chapter two…lucky.

The chemistry between Cat and Griffin was beautiful, I can’t think of a better word than that. And even though Griffin came off a bit over protective at times…okay, there was a lot, I felt Cat’s inner badass chic balanced it out. She is definitely not a push over.

Talking about Cat, there aren’t a lot of female characters that I’m proud to read. Finally we have a woman who is strong and weak, funny and sad, sarcastic and….well, sarcastic. I felt a bond with her that I haven’t felt with a character in a while.
I’m happy her name is Cat (technically it’s Catalia, but I prefer just Cat), it brings that bond I have with her even closer.

I’m also just saying this now, there better be something between Flynn and Jocasta in book three. Just saying.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive until the next book in the series comes out. I will sell my soul just to get my hands on it. That little snippet we got at the end of this book was not enough. I need to know what is to come to these characters that I have fallen in love with.

My star rating is:

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