Tuesday, 30 May 2017

May 2017 Book Haul

I pre-ordered A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas before its release date (May 2nd). I assumed, and I know you should never do that, I will be getting it around that date… I didn’t. I got an email three days after the release date saying I won’t be getting it until the following week.
This was Friday 5th, I couldn’t wait another week to finally read it. I needed it now.
So, I went and bought another copy… No regrets.
I of course got the colouring book as well.

When I was buying A Court of Wings and Ruin (in the shops that is), I came across this series. At the time I couldn’t get it because I didn’t have enough money. But I took a picture, to remind myself to get them at a later day.
Well that later date became that Monday, and I know for some people it’s strange to buy the whole series before you read the first book, but what if I do like it and when I go buy the rest of the series it’s not there. I know that sounds crazy, but I like to have the complete series, or close to, before I start a series.
The covers are beautiful, and it gives me an idea that I’ll be reading about a badass chic. Not complaining there.

I have seen this book around for a while and wanted it. Finally, I got it.

The cover is beautiful, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which is my favourite fairy tale, so hopefully I will enjoy is as much as A Court of Thorns and Roses…there I go again, comparing to that series. My obsession is going out of control.

I bought book two at the end of last year (still haven’t read it), so when I saw book two is out, I went to the shops and immediately bought it.
I have read Alison Weir before, and loved it, so I know I’m going to love this series.
I’m not sure yet if I should wait till the series is finished before starting, or read them soon…

I got this because the cover was beautiful and the premise sounded interesting.
That is all.

This book was on my “to buy list” when I saw it on Instagram. So of course, when I saw it in stores, I had to get it.
You’re going to realise I’m an impulse buyer when it comes to books. When I want something, I’ll get it lol.

Mother’s Day present.
Thanks kids.

There is a bit of a story to this.
Lord of Shadows released on 23rd May. In the Target catalogue, it said it was available on that date, which in a way I thought was odd, because living in Australia we have to wait until it’s released in America first (stupid in my opinion). So, I went there, couldn’t see it on the shelf, and decided to ask an employee (I also brought the catalogue with me).
They had them at the back and weren’t allowed to bring them out just yet, for reasons I said above. But because I was nice to the staff and not demanding, they gave me a copy.
To celebrate, I also got the Mortal Instruments colouring book.

I’ve read Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, actually I’ve only read the first three books. I did love them, so not really sure why I haven’t continued.
I’ve heard great things about this series, so I might read these before reading the Percy Jackson series again.

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