Friday, 12 May 2017

Free EBook Friday #1

Free EBook Friday is wrap up of all the kindle books I read during the week. Since I only give short reviews, why not post them all together.

Hope you enjoy.

Another book that everyone else loved but I didn't.
It started out okay, but then it just got ridiculous and I lost interest in everything.

What really pushed me was the ending, just the words the characters used was a major eye roll for me. I'm not against romance, but when something becomes silly, I lose interest very quickly.

Maybe I should've read book one before this, it might have made a difference. So maybe, in the future if I want to reread this book, I will see about reading book one first.

My star rating is:

I didn't hate this book, I just felt it dragged a bit. 
What probably really annoyed me was the jumps in time. There was so much that happened in between, and I'm shocked that I'm about to say this, but it felt like the author just wanted to get to the good bits. And usually there is nothing wrong with that, but I need details, I need something.
I might reread this when my braid isn't about to explode from my head.

My star rating is:

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