Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Book Review ~ Horrible Histories Awesome Egyptians by Terry Deary & Peter Hepplewhite illustrated by Martin Brown


In The Awesome Egyptians the persistent delving into the toilet of history by author Terry Deary and cohort Peter Hepplewhite leaves no stone - or rather, Pyramid - unturned in this hilariously vile Horrible History.
How to make your own mummy, how to test the theory that pyramids have magical powers and, among all the handy hints and tips, a few tales of dodgy Pharaohs and their nasty habits.
Anyone who ever thought they knew all they needed to know about the Egyptians and their strange ways will be amazed at the gaps in their knowledge as they discover which king had the most blackheads, unusual ways Victorians displayed their mummies and how to become a true Egyptian peasant in ten easy (or, in fact, rather difficult) stages.

Awesome Egyptians was the first Horrible Histories book I read (and that I still own the exact same copy today), and it was this book that made me fall in love with the Ancient Egyptians.
The way it’s written draws you in no matter what age you are. So I can say I enjoyed this at a young age and now at an older age.

I found this more gruesome than Savage Stone Age. Not because of what the Ancient Egyptians did, even though some of the things they did is pretty gross, but what people did thousands of years after.
I’m not talking about stealing possessions like gold and statues and the like, but actual dead bodies of the Egyptians. It’s also not just stealing and sometimes destroying the mummies to get to the gold, but what people did to the mummies themselves.
You need to read it to find out what exactly they did, but trust me, you would be just as disgusted as I was.

Again, there was a quiz at the end, and not to brag but brag I will, I got it all right.

My star rating is