Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Book Review ~ Inner Harbour by Nora Roberts


Phillip Quinn had done everything to make his life seem perfect. With his career on the fast track and a condo overlooking the Inner Harbour, his life on the street was firmly in the past. But one look at his adopted brother Seth and the memories come flooding back. In Seth he sees the boy he once was.

Seth's future seems assured—until Dr Sybill Griffin shows up in the sleepy town of St. Christopher's. She claims to be researching the town for her new book, but Phillip is sure she is hiding something. While he is determined to uncover her motives, Sybill cannot deny her own growing feelings for the intense and mysterious Quinn—but the secret she hides has the power to shatter the brothers' lives for ever...

Not surprised at all to say that I absolutely loved this book. I was emotional throughout the whole book.
Phillip, as predicted, is such a perfect character. And not in the sense as he is overly perfect, too perfect. He understands people and doesn’t think you should judge someone based on what other people think.

Not only do I still love Anna, but I hate Cam even more. There were so many occasions that I wanted to go through the book and smack him in the head. That’s saying a lot, I don’t get this passionate about a character I hate, even for a “bad guy”.

The only thing I didn’t understand, was Sybill’s profession. She is a qualified phycologist, supposed to understand people, but she came off as not having a clue. Not just a mild misunderstanding, it was like she has been living under a rock her whole life, then all of a sudden, light.
It was a bit strange, but I only gave it a fleeting thought, I was slightly more interested in her romance with Phillip. Actually, jealous she was having a relationship with Phillip if I’m being honest.

Even though there is another book after this, Chesapeake Blue, Inner Harbour was a great conclusion to the saga of who is Seth’s father and how it ends with his evil mother.
There will probably be more conflict when it comes to Seth’s past and present life, but for now, it was a very sweet “ending”.

My star rating is

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