Friday, 13 January 2017

A New Year

Well, well, well, look who hasn’t posted since Christmas day….me.

Even though I hate hearing excuses, mine is pretty much legit. Because of school holidays (it’s the summer break here in Australia), I’ve been in the country. Which means, absolutely no WiFi. For two very long weeks I have been isolated from the outside world.
A day or two of this I can cope, but two weeks was unbearable. But thank the Goddess I’m back.

The only great thing that came out of no internet, a lot of reading was done….

All seven of those books have been from Nora Roberts. Which got me thinking, maybe I should do a theme each month. Usually when I have something to motivate me, I tend to read a lot….that’s my theory anyway.
So, since I’ve only read Nora Roberts this month, why not keep reading her books.
Nora Roberts Reading Month

To get me posting more on my blog, I could also post not just reviews, but fun tidbits about the current theme, and other cool stuff ß it sounding cool in my head.

If you would like to read the reviews I have done so far, you can check them all out here on Goodreads.

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