Monday, 29 August 2016

Bout Of Books 17 ~ Wrap Up

What a week of reading.
Even though they were mostly kindle and childrens books, I did a pretty good job.
I'm a mother of two, so finding time, even a second, is difficult. But a bookworms gotta do what a bookworms gotta do.

Overall I read a mixture of books I loved and book I hated. The word 'dislike' felt too tame for certain ones.

I can also proudly say, after being behind on my Goodreads reading challenge, I am now 5 books ahead of schedule. I'm also 30 books away from my goal of 100 books for the year!!

You can check out all my Goodreads reviews just by clicking the cover below.

Total Books Read:

 goodreads  goodreads  goodreads  

 goodreads  goodreads  goodreads

 goodreads  goodreads