Saturday, 9 July 2016

What Have I Been Watching?

It all began over a week or two ago. I’ve heard about the TV show Pretty Little Liars before, but there was always something that was putting me off from actually watching it.
I thought it was one of those annoying teen dramas, bad acting, just a plain silly show. But once I saw season 1-6 was on Netflix, I thought why not, watch an episode before judging.

3 seasons later and I can officially say I’m an addict.

Every episode you are on the edge of your seat, and every time you say, “One more episode and then I’ll go to bed”, the episode finishes on a cliff hanger, so you need to watch the next episode to see what happens.
I think that’s the positive thing that I waited until they had 7 seasons out before I started, no waiting. Well until I finish all of them, which will be soon at this rate.

I love the actors, not all of them the greatest of actors, but they all suit their characters.
My favourite has to be Mona (pictured abover, far right). An evil crazy bitch that is an enjoyment to watch.

Okay I’m off, having withdrawal symptoms….now onto season 4.