Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Top 5 ~ Fantasy Books (so far....)

Fantasy Books

(so far….)

If I was asked if I could choose one genre to read for the rest of my life, I would pick Fantasy.
I love everything about Fantasy; the authors ability to create a new world with strange and unique characters.
With Fantasy, anything is possible.

Here are my top five books that I love….so far

I don’t know any other book/book series that I was this obsessed over. Even though I’ll be scared to live in this world, I wouldn’t mind a quick visit….very quick.

I’m not going to choose just one book in this series, plus I own this exact book with all three books in one. So technically it’s one book. Don’t worry, I question my thinking all the time.
Elves, hobbits, wizards, dwarfs, men; seriously, this book is everything a Fantasy lover loves and more.

If you haven’t read a Robin Hobb book before, drop what you are doing and read it now.
Her characters and world are well developed, it’s like you have been in her world already. I can’t praise her writing enough, one of my all-time favourite authors.

I bought this book because I heard so many people saying how great this is. I actually bought the box trilogy, taking the risk. Let’s just say, it was a great risk to take.
I could not put this book down, and even though it ripped my heart out, I loved every minute of it.

This was just a random buy. I was looking for a book, the cover and section I was in sold me. It’s books like these that a love taking risks. I’m so happy I picked this book up, Raymond is an amazing author.
Oddly enough, I still haven’t read the rest of this series. I really need to rectify that, and soon.