Monday, 13 June 2016

I've Joined A Book Club

I love book clubs; getting together whether that be in person or online, and talk about books. What is there not to love about that.
I just wanted to join a group of readers where we pick a book to read for the month, then once we have read it, we talk about it. But I also didn’t want to join a group that just centered around one genre. Even though my preferred genre is Fantasy, I still enjoy and want to experience other ones.

After a lot of looking, I came across a group on Goodreads (link to site is below icon). They’re a new group, which was a bonus.
Since I joined in June, and even though I joined at the beginning, I might wait till July to properly start.

If you want to join a group, or this one, head over to Goodreads, there is literally so many to choose from.