Monday, 2 May 2016

Free EBook Review ~ Beloved by Corinne Michaels


Men suck. 

They break you. Leave you. Take everything until there’s nothing left. And frankly, I’m done allowing them to make me feel insignificant. So, forget men. I’ll just throw myself into my job, because at least that never fails me. 

Jackson has other plans, though. I refuse to be impressed by his perfect body, the cute dimple on his cheek, or the rugged stubble on his face. Jackson Cole can be resisted. 

But, I’m only fooling myself. 

He’s going to wear me down. I can feel it. In the end he’ll prove that once again, I’m no one’s beloved.

I have such mix feelings about this book that I don’t know if I like it, or find it stupid. Is there an in between?

Catherine (yes I know, she has the same name as me, main reason why I read it), comes from a broken home. Her father left her when she was nine. Actually left her on her ninth birthday, so you can see how that could be traumatic for her. I can also see why she would have trust issues with men ever since.
But from what the synopsis says, after she finds her pathetic fiancΓ© cheating on her I thought she was going to stay away from men for a while… didn’t take her long to find Jackson and fall head over heels.
He also falls in love with her instantly, which I’m not totally against love at first sight, but it needs to be convincing and done well. I just felt like the author really wanted us to fall in love with Jackson, it was forced and didn’t feel genuine.

I’m an honest person, so I’m going to admit that I kind of skim read throughout this whole book. I wasn’t 100% captivated by the story, I just wanted to see how it ended.
Now let’s talk about the ending, no spoilers, but I thought this was a stand-alone novel, what the hell was with the cliff-hanger. And because I’m dying to know what happened, even though I didn’t enjoy this book, I’ll probably buy book two. Well played Corinne Michaels, well played.

I do hope book two will be better, especially if I’ll be paying. I want to see more development from these characters, and for Catherine to grow a pair of ovaries and toughen up. Show other women that you don’t need a man in your life to be happy….what am I saying, this is a romance novel, women in here need men to survive.
Scratch all that, let’s just hope I don’t have to pay too much.

My star rating for Beloved by Corinne Michaels is: