Saturday, 14 May 2016

Free EBook Review ~ Be Mine by Kris Calvert


Every year, millions of people wait for love to find them. The glue that holds our loosely strung and sometimes battered souls together, many believe that love will miraculously show up on their doorstep. But destiny isn’t a matter of chance – it’s a matter of choice. As Valentine’s Day approaches, follow the three intertwined love stories of six hopeful souls who will choose their destiny in love and let their hearts fall where they may. Saying, “I love you,” or “be mine,” is never easy. But if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

It was like eating candy too fast, a lot of sweetness in one big hit.
I know this is a novella, but I would’ve loved to read this as a novel. I want to get to know these characters a bit more, and maybe have the romances to not happen instantaneously.

If you need to compare this, think of the movie Love, Actually, but instead of Christmas it’s Valentine’s Day.
Three couples, all linked together in some way.

Mike and Sarah were my least favourite couple. He owns a graphic design / advertising business, while she’s a good professional violinist.
He sees her every morning at Starbucks and falls instantly in love. He’s also awkward around females, so he finds it hard to form a proper conversation with them.
Their romance didn’t seem believable to me. When they did communicate it felt like a fiction story. It was obvious Mike was written by a female, he’s what we want men to say and act, but in reality, they don’t. Sorry to break that little bubble.
There was no true connection, instant or otherwise.

Penn and Ellen I enjoyed. This was a couple that I wished we got to know better. I wanted their story to be longer, and their growing attraction to go on forever.
Two years ago she lost her husband in Afghanistan, so romance isn’t on her mind. But of course she doesn’t have a say in that, during yoga classes they meet, Penn falls instantly in love with her, but it does take a while to convince her.
As I said before, I would’ve loved to see this as a longer story. Slowly get to know these characters, their growing attraction. But it was over too quickly for me to really love them.

Tom and Lexi were cute, young couple. Like Penn and Ellen, I would’ve loved to see it longer so the characters could be well developed.
I think that’s what the main issue I had, all the characters were undeveloped. A shame because it had so much potential.

My star rating for Be Mine by Kris Calvert is: