Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tea Tuesday ~ Reread Books

Reread Books

Not a lot of people reread books; they either read it once and never pick it up again, or just never find the time. Understandable with a new book coming out every day.

But I have a few good explanations on why I reread books, why I need to read books for a second, sometimes a fourth time.

Next Book In The Series Is Finally Released:
In this case, because it’s been awhile since I’ve read book one or two and so on, for me to understand what is going on in the new release, I need to reread the series again to familiarize myself in this world.
I usually wait till the complete series is complete before I start, but sometimes waiting for that to happen can take a few years, and my patience is non-existent.

You Might Have Missed Something:
This happens more in larger books, or if the plot is more complex. A lot of things are happening; you won’t be able to take it all in in one sitting.

I Miss It:
When you get absorbed in these characters’ lives, it can be sad sometimes when you’re no longer reading about them.
Especially if a character dies, you can bring them back to life over and over….only to see them die again. That’s okay, just reread it.

Opinions Change:
This is actually my main reason why I reread books.
With age and reading experience your likes change. Because I review books, I don’t want people to go off my opinions I gave ten years ago. So it’s basically me updating, letting you know that even though twenty-year-old me loved it, thirty-year-old me was wondering what medication I was on when I read it.

Do you reread books? Or do you read them once, never to see it again?

Let me know in the comments below, especially if you can relate to any of my reasons.