Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tea Tuesday ~ William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

For those of you who don’t know, this year marks 400 years since the passing of William Shakespeare. And if you don’t know who William Shakespeare, I think we should no longer be friends….

So I have decided to do a little tribute to one of the greatest play writes/author there ever was. Starting Monday 18th, I will be daily posting everything to do with the man himself.
I’m thinking about each day I will talk about one of his plays. Giving you some details about it, maybe even a review. Whatever I do, it will definitely be about William Shakespeare.

Why am I doing this? Not only because it has been 400 years (400 YEARS!! people), it’s also someone who I admire. His work is still popular today after all these years.
Movies, plays, interpretations, you name it, it has been done. No one will ever be as successful as him, especially after more than 400 years.

Let me know if you are also a fan of William Shakespeare, and if you have a favourite, in the comments below.