Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Watching Wednesday ~ Vikings Season One

Vikings Season One

This is actually the second time I’m watching season one for two reasons; one, season three finally is available to watch on Netflix and two, because I still haven’t watched season two.
So basically starting from the beginning to refresh my memory

Even though I know what happens this season, when watching it through again you realise you might have missed a few things. Key points that make complete sense later on.

I’m currently on episode three (I’ve just started), I just want to take this moment to not only marvel at the actors but the scenery. Everything is visually beautiful, it makes me feel like I’m actually there in this time period where Vikings ruled.

Talking about time period, I was surprised that this is based off true events. I didn’t figure this out until I finished this season a while ago. Maybe this also explains why I want to watch the season again, with fresh eyes and knowledge.

Once I’m more in, or when I finish season one, I’ll give a better report on how I feel. I might even give a proper review….watch this space.