Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tea Tuesday ~ Is It A Readers Slump?

Is It A Readers Slump?

I’ve been lazy with reading, that’s what it feels like but in all reality, I just haven’t had the time to.
So this is why I ask myself this question; is it a readers’ slump? Being slack? Or just plain and simple and being a mother?

For example, my youngest (who is 6 months old) is asleep at the moment while the other is playing. This is the perfect time to be reading but instead I’m writing a blog post complaining about not being able to read……. I confuse myself sometimes as well.
I used to be able to multi task and read and do motherly duties at the same time. That was with my first child, who wasn’t fussed if I put him on the floor for a bit just to give my arms a break. But not with a four-year-old and a baby who wants to be hold just by me, it’s starting to get a bit harder.
Would this stop me from reading…NO! Nothing will stop me from doing the one thing that brings me joy. I just have to become an adult and organise my time better. Simply said than done, no harm in trying.

My other problem is, if I’m not getting into the book, which does not mean that I’m not loving it, then instead of making myself suffer and continue to read it, I should just put it down and pick up another book.
I have this feeling that if I put a book down because I’m just not in the mood, I’m offending someone. It’s like I have to finish what I started. I wonder if that mentality is what we are taught when we are younger?

So starting from now, I’m going to be a bit firmer on myself, if I’m not enjoying the book for whatever reason then PUT IT DOWN!
And start organising my life a bit better, get a diary and start planning. Set times for reading, children time and blogging. That way you don’t see the day in one big jumble mess.

In a months’ time I’m going to look back and see if I listened to myself, probably not since I rarely do. Oh well….