Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Watching Wednesday ~ Shadowhunters Season One

I have to admit I have not yet seen the film version of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, I've only heard terrible things about it, and since I'm a huge fan of the book series, I didn't want a movie to ruin it.
I was however excited that it will be turned into a TV series, sometimes with book adaptations, especially series, I prefer for it to be turned into a book TV series than a movie. They are able to put more in.

So the lead up to the Shadowhunters TV show was exciting, we saw a lot of behind the scenes from cast members. It basically felt like we were part of the process. Before we even saw these characters on screen we fell in love with the actors.

Then after a long wait (not really, but it felt like forever), it finally aired on TV. America got to watch it on Freeform, formally known as ABC Family, while the rest of the world got to see it on Netflix (I was with the rest of the world).
I had high hopes, I knew it wasn't going to be completely like the book but....I really really want to love this TV show, I do. I'm obsessed with the book series and by hating the TV show is kind of felt like hating the books.

The acting isn't Oscar worthy (actually it was borderline terrible), everything seemed a bit rushed, which shouldn't be because it is a TV show, you can afford to take your time in building up these characters.
The thing that concerned me the most (there are others), is the over sexualising of every character and every situation. I know Izzy is supposed to be a sexy woman and is comfortable with her skin, but really, I don't think she was this free with her body. It just became a little over the top for me. I'm not joking, everything she does is sexual, even the way she walks.

I'm onto the fourth episode now, I'm just hoping it's going to get better, it has to get better. Maybe season one is like book one, you just have to get through this because the following books, I mean seasons, will be better......I have hope.